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Skool is a Japanese Fusion restaurant in San Francisco. The word ‘school‘ defines a social group of fish that swim in a coordinated manner to increase their families’ overall defense, efficiency

and success.


The restaurant thrives on the same principles and built their Skool in the same fashion. They are proud supporters of sourcing sustainable, local ingredients while working with local designers who utilize recycled and refurbished materials.

Skool is known for their cocktails but more so for their Sake Sampler. The Sake Sampler is re-imagined as a gift. The sampler box and sake bottles are designed to be reusable through their practical yet elegant design. 

Previous Logo
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The sake sampler gift box took inspiration from a masu or sake box, often used to allow a generous overflowing pour of sake. The bottle, or jars, that hold sake drew inspiration from the cups at the restaurant and how bottles of liquor are often reused for water bottles.  
Key Words
Japanese waves, fish, pattern, school of fish, sake box, frosted glass, minimal
Many sake bottles have frosted glass because sake is clear like water and frosting shows the value of what is inside. 
The Skool logo is the letter “S” made of fish forming a school of fish, a playful take on their modified restaurant name.
Color Palette 
The colors are chosen based on the materials and traditional japanese colors of wood and black.
The bold typeface is influenced by the restaurant’s menu and the emelentary playful type takes inspiration from the previous logo.
Sake Tasting Information
Fish from the logo are re-imagined as being part of an environmentally friendly image system to identify each sake bottle.
The tasting information suggests how to serve each sake, the type of rice, recommended food to pairings, and tasting notes. The tasting information is laser engraved on the inside lid of the box for minimal use of the material and a more natural look.
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