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Meemo’s Mediterranean style olive spread takes a village to make. Meemo buys his organic produce from local San Francisco vendors then works with his crew to hand-make and package the spread. When redesigning Meemo’s brand, the most important goal was to keep the integrity of the community aspect, introduce the craft of making a natural product, and create a design that compels customers to buy. The redesigned logo and packaging showcases the community’s contribution.

Previous Packaging
Key Words
Olive, branch, oil packaging, patterns, logos
Just as the product is locally sourced and handmade, the logo’s olive is drawn by hand and accompanied by a playful marker-like typeface.
Color Palette 
Green is a color associated with natural products; black is used as a principle color to help the bright green pop. Both colors also represent the shades of the main ingredient. 
To symbolize the use of natural ingredients, each of them is hand-drawn.
A jar was chosen instead of a plastic bag packing because people who see a food product through glass feel more comfortable buying the product. The front label was made to showcase the spread but highlight the olive element in a simple yet sophisticated way.
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