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Spotted by Humphrey
Poopsy Daisy

Introducing Poopsy Daisy – the world's most thoughtfully designed poop bag holder with Award Winning Creative!


My clients, Sandy (Human) and Humphrey (Dog) own a dog boutique called Spotted By Humphrey.   Since becoming a retailer and sourcing the best dog goods in the market, Sandy has always dreamed of designing her own products. At the same time, she didn’t want to create a product for the sake of putting her name on something. Sandy believed that the right idea would come to her at the right time and it would be a meaningful product. After seeing poop bag holders made with low quality materials that aren’t flexible enough to carry multiple bags and that lacked design consideration, her first big idea was born: Poopsy Daisy.


Beyond functionality, Sandy wanted to prioritize Branding and Packaging Design. It was important to show what the product does and how it is used while having visuals that are modern and bold. 


Award Winning Creative featured in Graphic Design USA’s 59th anniversary showcase.

Looking through the competition categories, the “Designing for Good” category popped up with the following prompt-

“In a time of challenge and change, this new category encompasses graphic communications that advance positive social and environmental action and social justice impact; promote diversity, equity and inclusion; and aim to make communities and the world a better place for people and nature.”

Little did we know that our Poopsy Daisy “Dispose Responsibly” Poster Series would be selected as a winner. It was surprising as we couldn’t believe our posters talking about dog poop being a biohazard could be win worthy. However, it was so much more than that. Yes, we were a bit bold with the first poster but as you go on to the next two, you learn about what Spotted by Humphrey is doing to work towards healing our planet and the sustainability actions taken when creating Poopsy Daisy.

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