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Everyone loves cheese, and we eat it with just about everything. Unfortunately, many people have a milk allergy and aren’t able to enjoy cow’s milk products such as cheese.


Many grocery stores do not carry alternatives such as goat cheese; if they do, it’s likely only Chèvre, a spreadable cheese. There is an abundance of cows milk products: slices, spreads, shreds, yogurt, string cheese, and many more. La Colline is a French goat cheese brand that takes joy in providing everyday goat milk products to its customers as an alternative to cow’s milk products. 

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French, Goat, Hooves, Hill
Color Palette 
La Colline translates to The Hill in French. The logo is a literal representation of a goat on a hill that was created by scripted typography of the brand name. 
The cheese brand consists of everyday cheese and specialty cheese. The change of the label’s hill color identifies the cheese categories: purple (everyday) and blue (specialty).
With the color variations and bold type labeling the type of cheese, La Colline stands out from major cheese competitors.
Unlike many goat cheese brands which highlight the goat as the primary source of imagery in their packaging, a hill is the image of all La Colline products. This creates a sense of normalcy for goat milk based products in grocery stores. 
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