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Unlike traditional pest control companies, Pestec has focused on pest prevention and pest management over the long term, avoiding quick-fix solutions to pest infestations that do not provide lasting results. Their mission is to discover, develop, and deliver the

best results. 

The goal is to reinvent Pestec’s existing newspaper ad. Inspiration for the new look came from the works of Alvin Lustig, a modern American design pioneer, who designed a wide variety of items from book covers to helicopters. 
When researching Lustig’s work, it was clear he had two major styles: abstract and geometric, leaving much to the imagination. The abstract geometric houses, wood texture, and large number of dots represent a pest infestation. 

Newspaper Ad
Key Words
Alvin Lustig, Pests, Destruction, Ants, Termites, Wood, Abstraction
Color Palette 
Yellow and black warning colors, catching attention and perhaps stiking concern in the reader.
Hand Drawn Live Traced
Futura is a bold, clean typeface ensuring Pestec’s theme to deliver and the hand-lettered type shows the mission to discover.
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